Dictionary Of Word Roots

By Donald Borror

One of many remarkable difficulties of the biologist, even if he be starting scholar or experts, is that of realizing technical phrases. easy methods to comprehend and be mindful technical phrases is to appreciate first their part elements, or roots. This dictionary has been designed essentially to satisfy the wishes of the start pupil, the clinical scholar, and the taxonomist, however it can be of price to all biologists.

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A scarab scill," «a (L). A sea onion beetle seine, -i, «us (L). a type of lizard scari, -d, «s (G). a bit malicious program scintill (L). Emit sparks, sparkle scio (G). A shadow scarlatin (It). Scarlet scirp, «us (L). A bulrush écart (G). Nimble; dance scirrh, -o, «us (G). A tumor; a «scarus (G). a type of fish tough protecting scat, -o (G). Dung scirt, -et, -o (G). Leap;aleaper seel, -i, -id, «is, -o, «us (G). sciss, -i (L). reduce, break up A leg scissur, «a (L). A fissure, cleft sceler (L). depraved, villainous sciur, -o, «us (L).

The cockatoo caco, «a (G). Excrement each one (G). cachr, barley -i, undesirable -y, =ysLaugfr (G). Parched loudly 20 caco (G). undesirable, decayed, diseased cact, =us (G). A prickly plant Dictionary of observe Roots name, -c, «x (L). A cup calid (L). hot, sizzling cad (L). Fall calidri, «s (G). A shore chook cad, -o, «us (G). An urn, cask calig, «a (L). A boot cadaver, -i (L). A useless physique caligin (L). darkish, imprecise calio (G). A nest; a hut caduc, -1 (L). Falling early «calix (L). A cup cae (see additionally ce and coe) name, -e, -i, -o (L).

Theft, fraud clost, -er, -ri (G). Thread, yarn clost, -o (G). Spun, coiled clu, -d, -s (L). shut clupe, «us (L). A safeguard; a river fish clur, -in (L). An ape •clydon, -o (G). A wave clype, -o, «us (L). A protect clys, -is, -m (G). Wash, drench clyst, «er, -ero (G). A syringe clyt, -o (G). recognized cnec, -o, «us (G). faded yellow; a thistle cnem, -i, -a, «is (G). The a part of the leg among the knee and the ankle; legging, leg armor cneo (G). Scrape, scratch cnepha, -to (G). darkish, darkness A rasp, scraper cnest, -i (G).

A ridge, weal, bruise •molothrus (L). an interloper molp (G). A tune molpast, «es (G). A dancer molybd, -i, -o (G). Lead molyn, -a (G). Stain, defile molysm,-s, -o«us (G). toxins «momentum momo, (L). movement momot (from its(G). cry). Blame, The motmot disgraa Dictionary of notice Roots mon, -a, -er, -o (G). One, unmarried monet (L). cash; mint monil, -i (L). A necklace, string of beads monimo (G). mounted, steadfast monit (L). Warn; caution mono (G). One, unmarried monstr, -a (L). express, warn; a monster mont, -an, -i (L).

A bit titmouse floor «parus (L). A titmouse paradox, -o (G). marvelous, parv, -i (L). Small wonderful paryph, «a, -o (G). A border parallel, -i, -o (G). Parallel pas, -i (G). All paramec (G). rectangular, oval paraphron (G). Mad, insane, dispasc, -u, «uus (L). Feed; a pasture traught paspal (G). one of those millet; positive parapod (G). on the toes of, meal nearby -i (L). A sparrow parasit, -i, -o (G). close to foodstuff; devour •passer, passi (L). ardour; undergo; velocity; at another's desk; a parasite opened up parât (L). prepared, ready passul, «a (L).

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