Monkeyluv: And Other Essays on Our Lives as Animals

By Robert M. Sapolsky

How do imperceptibly small adjustments within the setting switch one's habit? what's the anatomy of a nasty temper? Does pressure curb our brains? What does People magazine's checklist of America's "50 most pretty humans" train us approximately nature and nurture? What makes one organism attractive to a different? What makes one orgasm assorted from one other? Who would be the winner within the genetic struggle among the sexes?

Welcome to Monkeyluv, a curious and exciting number of essays in regards to the human animal in all its interesting sort, from Robert M. Sapolsky, America's so much cherished neurobiologist/primatologist. prepared into 3 sections, every one tackling a massive query in traditional technological know-how, Monkeyluv deals a full of life exploration of the impact of genes and the surroundings on habit; the social and political -- and, in fact, sexual -- implications of behavioral biology; and society's shaping of the person. From the mating rituals of prairie canines to the perform of faith within the rain wooded area, the secretion of pheromones to insects within the mind, Sapolsky brilliantly synthesizes state-of-the-art medical examine with wry, erudite observations concerning the huge, immense complexity of easily being human. considerate, enticing, and infused with pop-cultural insights, this assortment will attract the internal monkey in we all.

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