The Logic of Chance: The Nature and Origin of Biological Evolution (paperback)

By Eugene V. Koonin

The good judgment of Chance bargains a reappraisal and a brand new synthesis of theories, innovations, and hypotheses at the key elements of the evolution of lifestyles in the world in gentle of comparative genomics and structures biology. the writer provides many particular examples from structures and comparative genomic research to start to construct a brand new, even more distinctive, advanced, and practical photograph of evolution. The e-book examines a large variety of themes in evolutionary biology together with  the inadequacy of traditional choice and edition because the purely or maybe the most mode of evolution; the foremost position of horizontal gene move in evolution and the ensuing overhaul of the Tree of lifestyles concept;  the critical, underappreciated evolutionary value of viruses; the starting place of eukaryotes because of endosymbiosis; the concomitant foundation of cells and viruses at the primordial earth; common dependences among genomic and molecular-phenomic variables; and the evolving panorama of constraints that form the evolution of genomes and molecular phenomes.


"Koonin's account of viral and pre-eukaryotic evolution is unquestionably up to date. His "mega perspectives" of evolution (given what was once stated above) and his cosmological musings, nonetheless, are fascinating reading." Summing Up: Recommended

Reprinted with permission from selection, copyright via the yankee Library organization.


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Molecular phylogenetics culminated within the three-domain Tree of existence that used to be initially found throughout the rRNA phylogeny and as a result supported by way of many protein phylogenies. research of historic paralogs led to the situation of the foundation at the bacterial department of the three-domain TOL. although, the 1st showing discrepancies among person gene tree topologies prompt that the rRNA tree would possibly not inform the total tale of the evolution of existence. comparability of the 1st on hand sequenced genomes, these of small viruses, marked the beginnings of evolutionary genomics.

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