Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology, 4 Volume Set

The Wiley Encyclopedia of Chemical Biology is an authoritative new paintings whose target is to light up the the most important function of chemistry and chemical thoughts within the lifestyles sciences. The encyclopedia will undertake an inclusive editorial process, encompassing basic and blue-sky technology in addition to these parts of analysis that experience extra quick clinical or advertisement purposes. The scope and constitution of the paintings will mirror the multidimensional personality of chemical biology, focusing specifically at the basic technological know-how of organic buildings and platforms, using chemical and organic thoughts to explain that technological know-how, and the purposes of this data in components as different as drug discovery, sensor know-how, and catalysis.

Major subject matters parts lined within the encyclopedia:

  • Chemical perspectives of Biology
  • Biomolecules in the Cell
  • Chemistry of organic strategies and Systems
  • Chemical Biology of mobile Compartments
  • Synthetic Molecules as instruments for Chemical Biology
  • Technologies and methods in Chemical Biology
  • Applications of Chemical Biology

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