Surgery preparation and post-surgery instructions


The patient is obliged to:

  • provide a Hepatitis B Immunity Certification or in case of absence of vaccination sign an appropriate declaration on the date of the surgery.
  • avoid taking the following medications two weeks before the surgery: aspirin, acard and other drugs causing hemodilution.

On the admission date:

  • the patient has to be healthy, i.e. without symptoms of infection, fever.
  • the patient has to be on an empty stomach (six hours without food and drinks before surgery), including not chewing gum.
  • the patient is obliged to bring the results of all tests ordered.
  • the patient is obliged to inform the doctor about any allergies to medications (antibiotics, painkillers, etc.), illnesses, surgical treatments, hospital stays.
  • the patient is obliged to inform the doctor about any regularly taken medications and other important information concerning his/her health.
  • in case of women, it is important that the surgery does not overlap with the first day of the menstruation cycle.
  • patients staying at the hospital are asked to bring necessary personal items, i.e. two-piece pyjamas and basic cosmetics.


It is neccessary to:

  • show up at follow-up appointments on scheduled dates,
  • avoid physical efforts and sudden movements,
  • obey doctor’s instructions,
  • avoid removing or touching dressings,
  • entirely refrain from bathing in still water (bathtub),
  • limit showers and avoid wetting dressings,
  • stop using sponges and washing gloves during bathing,
  • immediately inform the doctor about any alarming symptoms

Please bear in mind that all medical instructions, even those which may seem life-complicating and of minor importance to the patient, are a precondition for shortening the time necessary for the wounds to heal and, in effect, speed up the moment of complete satisfaction out of the surgery.

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