The surgery consists in the removal of excessive body fat from various areas of the body. The most common places from which excessive body fat is removed are the hip areas, thighs, stomach, calves, shoulders and chin.

The surgery itself involves the insertion of specialist equipment in the form of a laser into the body which vacuums away unwanted fat deposits which have accumulated throughout the years in the body. The incisions by means of which the laser is inserted into the body are almost invisible after the surgery and healing process and do not create any aesthetic problems.

The results of the surgery are permanent – once fat tissues are vacuumed away they never regenerate. After the operation it is recommended that the patient should spend 2-3 days in the clinic in order to rest after the surgery. During this time our medical staff will ensure comfort and help the patient in returning to his or her physiological functions and in the regeneration of the organism. For about one month after the surgery it is recommended to wear compression garment or an abdominal belt.


  • Liposuction Vaser Lipo: 1.700 – 3.000 GBP
  • Liposuction Vaser Lipo+ J plasma Renuvion + Fat transfer: 4.200 – 5.000 GBP

Warning! In the case of operations carried out for foreign patients require longer (up to 10-14 days) stay in Poland, for safe and complete withdrawal of all actions associated with the ongoing operation.

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